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Most companies will feed you a line that says "Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority". It might even be written on the company bulletin board in the employee breakroom. "Saying" something doesn't make it so. "Actions" speak louder than words.

You've probably thought that in this day and age "Customer Service" is dead. You watch employees at the Post Office move slower than molasses going uphill in winter. You walk into a local business to get a simple request accomplished and are told "we can't do that". You call your bank to get some assistance and are met with a "phone tree" that guarantees it's almost impossible to talk to a real person. Your cable company will come by to fix your cable service....sometime between 9am and 5pm (and please make sure you're home all day to wait for them).

It seems today that customer service is a lost art...

At Customer Satisfaction Is Our ONLY Priority....and we back that promise with our paychecks!
+ We WILL answer the phone. If we are on the phone with another customer, we will call you back ASAP.
+ We WILL answer all emails.
+ We WILL go out of our way to make sure each customer is taken care of.
+ We WILL always look for ways to save our customers money. If we think a lower priced product will work for your application, we will suggest the lower priced product. If we think a higher priced product will work better for your application (or may save you money in the long run), we will suggest that product. All of our suggestions are based on what will make the customer the happiest.
+ We WILL always give you honest and upfront advice.
+ Our AIM is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction on EVERY ORDER.

Great customer service is not only good for repeat business, we want our customers to tell their friends about the great customer service here!

How do you determine how well you're doing on your Customer Satisfaction goal?
We can't possibly poll all of the customers that visit our store every day. We give ALL of our customers that place an order the chance to rate us on is an independent 3rd party merchant ratings site that offers customer opinions about different businesses. They are the #1 top merchant ratings site. Their trust and ethics policy is geared towards honest unbiased reviews of individual merchants.

Do you have salespeople that are on commission?
Absolutely NOT! Salespeople on commission usually have one goal in mind, higher sales. They'll do whatever they can to get the sale, or push up the profitability by suggesting higher priced products. That's whether or not the suggested products fit the customers needs. That is the WRONG ANSWER for good customer service! We will never have anyone on commission, ever.

How do you ensure that everyone at places Customer Satisfaction as the highest priority?
Everyone from the owner of the company down to the employee that sweeps the floor makes minimum wage plus a percentage of the profit for that month. The percentage of profit paycheck at the end of the month is DIRECTLY connected to our ratings on!

Minimum wage? You're crazy!
Don't call the funny farm yet. Obviously the shipping department manager is making a larger percentage than the janitor, but everyone has a stake in how well the company does.

How does that ensure great customer service?
Every rating we get at that isn't 5 out of 5 stars actually REDUCES our profit sharing paycheck! Each month we start with a blank slate. Every rating that comes in that month is averaged to figure out how much of the profit sharing is actually IN the paycheck at the end of the month. The more "unhappy customers" we have, the SMALLER our paycheck is. The more "happy customers" we have, the LARGER our paycheck is! That's a true Customer Service Focused approach!

Example of how the Customer Satisfaction system works: For Month X we had (Ratings are 0-5 stars)
9 x 5 star ratings = Customer Extremely Happy
1 x 0 star ratings = Customer Extremely Upset

45 out of a possible 50 stars for the month = a 90% Customer Satisfaction Rating

This means that for the month we achieved a 90% Customer Satisfaction Rating. The original profit sharing is reduced to 90% and distributed to all the employees in their profit sharing paycheck at the end of the month. That's for ONE negative review! A 10% pay cut! Imagine a 10% cut in your paycheck.....what about a 30%, 40%, 50% cut for a bad customer service month? That's where the Customer Satisfaction program really shines. More happy customers = larger end of the month paycheck!

EVERYONE at from the owner down to the employee that packages the orders has a stake in how happy our customers are!

* Note: This policy does not mean that we will be "coerced" or "bribed" to do things that would be outside of our normal business practices. If a customer "promises" a positive rating for some action on our part, that rating is thrown out of the average. Also if a customer "threatens" a negative rating if we don't do something, that rating is also thrown out of the average. All we ask is that you "let our customer service speak for itself" and rate us accordingly!

Military Warfighter Solutions L.L.C. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this General Merchandise - Retail in Grand Rapids MI offers FREE Shipping on all orders over $200!

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