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OTIS-100   .17-.22 Cal. Rim-Fire Cleaning Kit
OTIS-610   .22 - 45 Cal. Pistol Cleaning System
BlackHawk-70SW23BK   .22 Cal. Tube Magazine Swivels
OTIS-200   .22-.30 Cal Rifle Cleaning Kit
OTIS-223   .223 Caliber/5.56MM Softpack Cleaning System
OTIS-308   .30 Caliber Rifle Cleaning System
OTIS-300   .30-.45 Cal. Rifle Cleaning Kit
OTIS-250   .50 Cal. Rifle/Pistol Cleaning System
BlackHawk-73SM00BK   1 1/4" Mountain Sling
USNV-000036   3X Military Magnifier Lens
OTIS-400   410-12/10 Gauge (Shotgun Cleaning Kit)
OTIS-225-56   5.56MM Otis Grip Kit Cleaning System
EOTech 512A651   512.A65/1 (EOTech Sight)
EOTECH-512.MO   512.MO (EOTECH Sight)
EOTECH-512.RT   512.RT (EOTECH Sight)
EOTech-516A651   516.A65/1 (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-517A651   517.A65/1 (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-552A651   552.A65/1 (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-552XR308   552.XR308 (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-552XR500   552.XR500 (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-553A65BLK   553.A65BLK (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-553A65TAN   553.A65TAN (EOTech Sight)
EOTech-556A651   556.A65/1 (EOTech Sight)
USNV-000037   5X Military Magnifier Lens
USNV-000647   9430 IR Infrared Remote Area Lighting System
OTIS-600   9MM - .45 Caliber (Pistol Cleaning Kit)
BlackHawk-85AC00BK-85AC00FG   A.C.E. Tactical Goggles
BlackHawk-85RL00CL-85RL00GY   A.C.E. Tactical Goggles Replacement Lens
Aimpoint-10950   A.R.M.S 22M68 Comp Throw Lever Picatinny Mount
ARMS-31   A.R.M.S. #31 Aimpoint Micro Mount
ARMS-40L   A.R.M.S. #40L Low Profile Flip-up Sight
ARMS-74Ext   A.R.M.S. #74 Cantilever Extension
ARMS-74   A.R.M.S. #74 Comp M4 Throw Lever Mount
ARMS-74Spacer   A.R.M.S. #74 Spacer
ARMS-18   A.R.M.S. #18 - M21/14 Scope Mount
ARMS-19LD-ACOG   A.R.M.S. #19LD-ACOG Throw Lever Picatinny Mount
ARMS-32   A.R.M.S. #32 Throw Lever Adapter for Harris-Type Bi-Pod
Aimpoint-11317   A.R.M.S. 22M68 Extension (Cantilever) AR Rifle Spacer
Aimpoint-10951   A.R.M.S. 22M68 Full AR Rifle Spacer
ARMS-16A   A.R.M.S. Comp (M16 Handle Mount)
ACCUSHARP-001   Accusharp Knife and Tool Sharpener
ACCUSHARP-008   Accusharp OD Green Knife and Tool Sharpener
Magpul-MAG371-BLK-FDE-ODG-FOL   ACS™ Carbine Stock Commercial-Spec Model
Magpul-MAG370-BLK-FDE-ODG-FOL   ACS™ Carbine Stock Mil-Spec Model
BlackHawk-DE-ASHT   Active Shooter Hallagan Tool™
BlackHawk-802600BK-802600OD   Advanced Tactical Elbow Pads V.2
BlackHawk-808300BK-808300OD   Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2
SOG-AE-04   Aegis
SOG-AG-01-AG-02   Agency
Aimpoint-11324   Aimpoint 3xMAG Magnifier
Aimpoint-12234   Aimpoint 3xMAG Twist Mount
Aimpoint-200174   Aimpoint ACO (Aimpoint Carbine Optic) 200174
Aimpoint-12225   Aimpoint Black Comp Scope Cover
Aimpoint-12223-12224   Aimpoint Black Flip-Up Lens Covers
Aimpoint-12240-12241   Aimpoint Clear Flip-Up Lens Covers
Aimpoint-10336   Aimpoint CompM2
Aimpoint-11408   Aimpoint CompM3 (2 MOA Scope)
Aimpoint-11403   Aimpoint CompM3 (4 MOA Scope)
Aimpoint-10338   Aimpoint CompML2
Aimpoint-11416   Aimpoint CompML3 (2 MOA Scope)
Aimpoint-11405   Aimpoint CompML3 (4 MOA Scope)
Aimpoint-12226   Aimpoint Dark Earth Comp Scope Cover
Aimpoint-12247   Aimpoint Double Battery Kit
Aimpoint-12437   Aimpoint Glock Micro Mount
Aimpoint-12239   Aimpoint Killflash ARD
Aimpoint-12462   Aimpoint Lens Cap with Integrated Killflash
Aimpoint-10174   Aimpoint M16 Carrying Handle Mount
Aimpoint-200018   Aimpoint Micro H-1 (2 MOA)
Aimpoint-11910   Aimpoint Micro H-1 (4 MOA)
Aimpoint-11465   Aimpoint Micro LaRue Tactical Quick Disconnect Mount
Aimpoint-12417   Aimpoint MICRO T-1 (2 MOA)
Aimpoint-11830   Aimpoint MICRO T-1 (4 MOA)
Aimpoint-10830   Aimpoint Non-AR Style Rifle Picatinny Mount
Aimpoint-12216   Aimpoint Polarized Filter Lens
Aimpoint-12841   Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)
Aimpoint-12227   Aimpoint QRP / QRW / Twist Spacer for AR Style Rifles
Aimpoint-12245   Aimpoint QRP Picatinny Mount
Aimpoint-12218   Aimpoint Yellow Filter Lens
OTIS-210   All-Caliber Rifle Cleaning System
BlackHawk-75FL022BK   Ally PL3x XTR
BlackHawk-38CL95BK   Ally Series Flashlight Pouch
Blackhawk-40FB02BK   Ambidextrous Flat Belt Holster
Blackhawk-40AM01BK-40AM36BK   Ambidextrous Holster w/Mag Pouch
Blackhawk-40SH00BK   Angle Draw Shoulder Holster
Blackhawk-40AH00BK-40AH16BK-L   Ankle Holster (Left Hand)
Blackhawk-40AH00BK-40AH16BK   Ankle Holster (Right Hand)
USNV-000038   ARMS #69 Adjustable Throw Lever Mount
ARMS-22M-22H   ARMS Throw Lever Picatinny Rail Tactical Rings
USNV-000614-000612   ATAC 360º Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera (Black)
USNV-000615-000613   ATAC 360º Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera (White)
SOG-AU-01   Aura - Camping
SOG-AU-03   Aura - SEAL
BlackHawk-70SW09BK-70SW10BK   Auto, Single Shot Ruger Carbines
BlackHawk-44A410BK   Axon Belt Pouch
BlackHawk-44A411BK   Axon Flip Open Pouch
Magpul-MAG980   B.A.D. Lever® - Battery Assist Device – AR15/M16
32BH01BK-SM-MD-LG-XL-GSA   Ballistic MICH Helmet
SOG-F02T   Battle Axe
CRKT-2500   Bear Claw (Plain Edge)
Blackhawk-40BP00BK-40BP01BK   Belt Pouch Holster
USNV-000042   BK 100 IR Filter
USNV-000043   BK 112 IR Filter
USNV-000041   BK 120 IR Spotlight Kit
USNV-000442   BK 124 IR Filter
USNV-000044   BK 125 IR Filter
USNV-000503   BK 140 IR Filter
USNV-000045   BK 150 IR Filter
USNV-000046   BK 175 IR Filter
USNV-000047   BK 187 IR Filter
USNV-000048   BK 200 IR Filter
USNV-000049   BK 230 IR Filter
USNV-000423   BK 300 IR Filter
USNV-000432   BK 310 IR Filter
BlackHawk-672556BK-672556CT   BlackHawk 100oz AntiMicrobial Replacement Reservoir
BlackHawk-90MS10SL   BlackHawk 100oz Reservoir Mylar Sheath
BlackHawk-41PL12BK-41PL12CT   BlackHawk 12" S.T.R.I.K.E. Modular Belt Panels
BlackHawk-65DC22BK   BlackHawk 22" Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case
BlackHawk-41BP00BK-41BP00OD   BlackHawk 28"- 34" Belt Pad
BlackHawk-65DC29BK   BlackHawk 29" Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case
blackhawk-603D00AU-603D00BK   BlackHawk 3-Day Assault Pack
BlackHawk-65DC32BK   BlackHawk 32" Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case
BlackHawk-64RC34BK   BlackHawk 34" Rifle Case
BlackHawk-65DC35BK-65DC35DE   BlackHawk 35" Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case
BlackHawk-41BP02BK-41BP02OD   BlackHawk 36"- 40" Belt Pad
BlackHawk-64RC37BK   BlackHawk 37" Rifle Case
BlackHawk-61PW00BK   BlackHawk 38" Padded Weapons Case
BlackHawk-65DC40BK-65DC40DE   BlackHawk 40" Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case
BlackHawk-672540BK-672540CT   BlackHawk 40oz Replacement Reservoir
BlackHawk-64RC41BK   BlackHawk 41" Rifle Case
BlackHawk-41CQ02DB-41CQ02BK   BlackHawk 41"- 51" CQB Belt
BlackHawk-41BP03BK-41BP03OD   BlackHawk 42"- 48" Belt Pad
BlackHawk-61PW01BK   BlackHawk 44" Padded Weapons Case
BlackHawk-64RC46BK   BlackHawk 46" Rifle Case
BlackHawk-64SR46BK   BlackHawk 46" Scoped Rifle Case
BlackHawk-64SR51BK   BlackHawk 51" Scoped Rifle Case
BlackHawk-43SB55BK   BlackHawk 55rnd Shotgun Bandoleer
BlackHawk-20LO05BK   BlackHawk A.L.E.R.T. 5 Bag
BlackHawk-20LO03BK   BlackHawk A.L.E.R.T. Bag
BlackHawk-44BU00BK   BlackHawk Academy/Demo Belt
BlackHawk-61BC01BK-61BC01CT   BlackHawk Advanced Tactical Briefcase
Blackhawk-65BC00BK   BlackHawk Barracuda 100oz Hydration Pack - Black
Blackhawk-65BG00BK-65BG00CT   BlackHawk Barrage Hydration Pack
BlackHawk-60BB02BK-60BB02CT   BlackHawk Battle Bag
BlackHawk-15BW01SL   BlackHawk Be-Wharned
BlackHawk-52PMK3BK   BlackHawk BTS Triple Mag Pouch - Black
BlackHawk-74SH00BK-74SH02BK   BlackHawk Butt Stock Shell Holder Open
BlackHawk-74SH01BK-74SH03BK   BlackHawk Butt Stock Shell Holder w/Flap
BlackHawk-52BS17BK-52BS16BK   BlackHawk Buttstock Mag Pouch w/Adjustable Lid
BlackHawk-52BS02BK   BlackHawk Buttstock Shotgun Shell Holder Pouch (Holds 5)
BlackHawk-20GB00BK   BlackHawk C.I.A. Garment Bag
BlackHawk-67NC00CT-67NC01CT   BlackHawk Canteens
BlackHawk-55CP01BK-55CP04CT   BlackHawk Chest Pouches
BlackHawk-61CB00BK-61CB00RD   BlackHawk Command Bag
BlackHawk-55CO00AU-55CO00BK   BlackHawk Commando Chest Harness
Blackhawk-40CS00BK-40CS01BK   BlackHawk Compact Belt Slide Holster
BlackHawk-44A750BK   BlackHawk Cordura Expandable Baton Case
BlackHawk-38CL102BK-38CL100BK   BlackHawk Coupled Magazine Pouch
BlackHawk-60MB01BK-60MB01BKRD   BlackHawk Covert Carry Messenger Bag
BlackHawk-410901BK   BlackHawk CQC Belt Loop Platform w/Screws
BlackHawk-411500BK   BlackHawk CQC Concealment Vest Platform
BlackHawk-411300CBK   BlackHawk CQC Dual Rail Accessory Belt Loop
BlackHawk-410800CBK   BlackHawk CQC Dual Rail Accessory Paddle
BlackHawk-411400CBK   BlackHawk CQC Holster Spacer Kit (Pair)
BlackHawk-410900CBK   BlackHawk CQC Multi-Functional Belt Loop
BlackHawk-41SH00BK-41SH00BK-L   BlackHawk CQC SERPA Shoulder Harness
BlackHawk-15M301BK-15M311BK   BlackHawk CQD Mark I Alum Handle
BlackHawk-15M401BK-15M411BK   BlackHawk CQD Mark II Alum Handle
BlackHawk-15M201BK-15M211BK   BlackHawk CQD Mark II Type E
BlackHawk-15M101BK-15M111BK   BlackHawk CQD® Mark 1 Type E
BlackHawk-20CC00BK   BlackHawk Crowd Control Bag
BlackHawk-R1500004   BlackHawk Crucible FX Accessory / Replacement Sheath
BlackHawk-15C200BK-15C210BK   BlackHawk Crucible FX2
BlackHawk-15C211BK-15C201BK   BlackHawk Crucible II Folder
BlackHawk-8035SMBK-8035MDBK   BlackHawk Cut Resistant Extended Cuff Search w/Spectra Guard
BlackHawk-8034SMBK-8034MDBK   BlackHawk Cut Resistant Short Cuff Search w/Spectra Guard
BlackHawk-38CL105AU-38CL104A   BlackHawk Cutaway Vest Ammo Pocket
BlackHawk-20CZ00BK   BlackHawk CZ Gear Bag - Black
BlackHawk-30DV00BK   BlackHawk D.O.A.V. Assault Vest System - Black
BlackHawk-44DGB92FGY-44DGB92FG   BlackHawk Demo Gun (Grey)
BlackHawk-44DGB92FOR-44DGB92FO   BlackHawk Demo Gun (Orange)
BlackHawk-21DT03BK   BlackHawk Divers Travel Bag w/ Wheels
BlackHawk-21DT00BK   BlackHawk Divers Travel Bag w/o Wheels
BlackHawk-410610CBK-410610PBK   BlackHawk Double Mag Case Double Stack
BlackHawk-410510CBK-410510PBK   BlackHawk Double Mag Case Single Stack
BlackHawk-61ACDMBK   BlackHawk Double Pistol Mag Pouch
BlackHawk-410600PBK-410600PCT   BlackHawk Double Stack Mag Case - Matte Finish
BlackHawk-410600CBK   BlackHawk Double Stack Mag Case Carbon Fiber Finish
BlackHawk-61ACCDBK   BlackHawk DVD Pouch
Blackhawk-20EMR1BK   BlackHawk Emergency Medic Roll
BlackHawk-DE-BMY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue BoltMaster
BlackHawk-DE-TBY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Breacher
BlackHawk-DE-MBMY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Mini BoltMaster
BlackHawk-DE-MBY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Mini Breacher
BlackHawk-15DE00YL   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Small Pry
BlackHawk-DE-SOBY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Special Operations Breacher
BlackHawk-DE-SBMY   BlackHawk Emergency Rescue Super BoltMaster

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